A Smart Data solution for Innovation

How can you best exploit your innovation potential today and tomorrow?



Data analysis tools applied to formalized knowledge offer only a few indicators and do not allow to integrate to the analysis all the knowledge produced and /or manipulated by a company.


Analyses produced do not make it possible to monitor the evolution of a company's innovation capacities and do not allow to quantitatively assess the impact of a strategic or organizational choice that modifies the R&D structure of a company.

Knowledge management tools and technology monitoring tools are not linked to each other

This leads to a dependence on technological experts and their qualitative analyses.

Converging information in a single integrated tool



The analysis of relationships within an innovation network based on patent data, scientific and professional literature and all the documentary resources that companies mobilize or produce.

Using original tools from graph theory to understand the complexity of these networks.

Using semantic analysis tools makes it possible to integrate and categorize all the diversity of information resources available to companies.



Our knowledge analysis tools are based on the research work carried out by the two founders at ENSTA ParisTech in association with the Direction Générale de L'armement (DGA).

The collaboration and capitalisation tools are based on the research carried out at the Université Technologique de Compiègne (UTC) during the MEMORAe project under the direction of Marie-Hélène Abel.

Our solution covers the three key dimensions of innovation :


Knowledge inside and outside the company.

Companies and how they interact.

The territories that influence and structure the dynamics of innovation.